Sound! Euphonium: Ensemble Contest

Awaiting new club leader Kumiko is the Ensemble Contest -- a.k.a. "EnCon"-- and the school's preliminary competition to determine the representative team to participate. Kumiko tries her best to make it to the preliminaries without incident, but the concert band club is so large that there seems to be no end to the problems... And as the club leader, she finds herself busy consulting on all sorts of matters. While the club members are deciding on their teams, Kumiko herself hasn't even decided which she will join...

Genre: Animation, Drama

Director: Tatsuya Ishihara

Cast: Tomoyo Kurosawa, Chika Anzai, Moe Toyota, Ayaka Asai, Ayaka Ohashi, Haruki Ishiya, Konomi Fujimura, Yuri Yamaoka, Nao Toyama, Atsumi Tanezaki

Country: Japan

Duration: 1h 55m

Quality: HD

Release: 2023

Sound! Euphonium: Ensemble Contest (2023) - IMDb  6